1. L

    Rat Stands Trio 4 with Powerline PSU

    Our Orchestra purchased 80 new music stands a few months ago. I have been struggling with them randomoly "Flickering" or "blinking" off very quickly and randomoly in the orchestra.They are DMX Controlled, address 1 into an ETC gateway controlled by an Ion with 2.9 Software. I made my own...
  2. tdtastic

    Dimmer Doldrums

    Our dimming system has been doing funny stuff this summer; seeking advice for things to look for and maintenance techniques that we could or should be doing on the regular even despite our current issues.We have three SR48 racks with 2.4k dual D20's -- whole system installed about eighteen...
  3. Swade White

    Elation EPAR QA LED Flickering

    Our school has a couple of these LED's and they are connected through DMX along with 4 VL2500 movers. Every few minutes, the LED's flash white for about a tenth of a second and then go back to normal for a few minutes until they do it again. They do the same thing even if the intensity is at 0%...
  4. K

    Mac 700 profile - E ballast?

    hey guysjust wondering if anyone has any details on some e ballasts for the mac 700 profiles? We use to have more parts for our 700 inventory but as they are getting phased out in our shop its hard and hard to make them work? Does anyone have some parts only 700's out there? or rather, any...