1. C

    Need suggestions for wash gels.

    Hey friends!I'm a undergrad lighting designer. I'm currently working on a design for a set that will be painted purple and splattered to imitate a galaxy. I've never dealt with purple before, and I'm hitting roadblocks in my mind when trying to find good gels for both a wash and some specials...
  2. S

    Control/Dimming Rosco MIXBook

    I just got a Rosco MIXBook. The advertising says it can produce "Any Rosco Gel Color," but I'm finding some big gaps in the numbers. For example it jumps from R26 to R33 (skipping R27, R30, R31, and R32). Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or a work-around to get the other Roscolux gels?
  3. L

    Conventional Fixtures Gels for Art Piece with a 500-Watt Halogen

    I am restoring a light sculpture from the 70s and hoping you all might supply me with some basics on gels. Short version: Can you recommend a line of gels that I can safely use with a 500-watt halogen bulb? The long version has background on the sculpture and the safety issue . . .The...
  4. G

    Lighting a speaker

    Hi all,I am a professor at a small community college where I also sponsor the music club. Our club has several shows during the year in our 200 seat auditorium. As a result I have been dubbed the light and sound tech for the college.We are currently working on a proposal to update the...
  5. M

    Design Issues and Solutions Best gels for skin tones

    I was wondering if people could recommend what gels they have found to work best on different skin tones? Both warms and cools would be appreciated. Thanks! (I typically stick to rosco)
  6. nagates

    Design Issues and Solutions Color mixing suggestions.

    So, I am working on a production of Shrek, and as usual there is a limited number of fixtures at my disposal. In order to give the show some of the necessary colors it needs, like red, blue, green (that is a big one), purple, I am trying to rely on color mixing of complementary colors to make...
  7. T

    Control/Dimming EOS 2.3 Color not matching

    Hello All,I'm looking for some help with ETC Eos 2.3 software showing me incorrect colors on the color picker with LED fixtures with more than RGB leds. I have RGBA and RGBW and both devices are not accurate to the color picker. Which means the gel pickers are not accurate either. Which also...
  8. GregM

    120k rig. Worth investing in?

    I'm advising my buddy who owns a small production company on lighting and 120k rigs came up. Are they still relevant? Granted I advised adding movers to the rig as well. But we're talking for 40x40 roof systems or the occasional small to medium sized venue. His lighting inventory is incredibly...