1. soundtech193746

    How should i go about using a new control console?

    Hello everyone,This summer, I am working on "The Wizard Of Oz" as Lighting Operator. I was wandering if you all could give me some advice on using a new console, as the venue we are using this year is different than what we have used before. If it helps any, I am a ETC Eos programmer. The...
  2. NickVon

    Lehigh Slimdim SD2 Wireless Link troubleshooting

    So from a previous thread, we have a small studio lighting system consisting of 10 SlimDIM SD2's a little DSQ 12 LX-console, and a wireless transmitter. All of the SD2's have wireless receiver antennas mounted in the DMX IN portAll of the Wireless/Link indicators are flashing on the SD2's...
  3. sross01986

    Lehigh Board Networking

    I got stuck with a "sigh" Lehigh Electric Rendition. I want to be able to use my laptop as a remote with wifi. The manual is really terrible, I made my own wireless access point with the ip address in the specific area that they asked. Has anyone every connected their computer to that board...