1. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@Four - Digital Media Workflow: Best Practices in Presentation and Paperwork

    Webinar description: This session discusses the media designer’s process for presenting design ideas, designing and documenting the system, and all of the paperwork required to go from concept to design. See examples presented from working digital media designers and discuss how workflow changes...
  2. ademhayyu1

    Creating a Circuit Map

    Hi Hi!!As a part of my process of creating a rep plot for my high school's theater, I would like to create a circuit map but I can't find any examples or templates online. Does anyone have any examples or some tips on creating one? Could I possibly draft one on Vectorworks? (I'm not that...
  3. S

    Lightwright 6 Address Format won't change to Absolute

    I am having an issue with Lightwright 6 and changing the Address format to Absolute. I know I have been able to do it in the past, but recently the function has ceased to work. I go to "Setup" > "Address Format" > "Absolute", and nothing changes; it stays in Universe format. When I choose...
  4. D

    Freelance Lighting Programmer Paperwork

    So what do freelance lighting programmers need to have as far as paperwork?Do they have their own personal W-9 form, Liability form, banking info?What paperwork do you need to have to become a freelancer?Thanks.