1. ademhayyu1

    Creating a Circuit Map

    Hi Hi!! As a part of my process of creating a rep plot for my high school's theater, I would like to create a circuit map but I can't find any examples or templates online. Does anyone have any examples or some tips on creating one? Could I possibly draft one on Vectorworks? (I'm not that...
  2. S

    Lightwright 6 Address Format won't change to Absolute

    I am having an issue with Lightwright 6 and changing the Address format to Absolute. I know I have been able to do it in the past, but recently the function has ceased to work. I go to "Setup" > "Address Format" > "Absolute", and nothing changes; it stays in Universe format. When I choose...
  3. D

    Freelance Lighting Programmer Paperwork

    So what do freelance lighting programmers need to have as far as paperwork? Do they have their own personal W-9 form, Liability form, banking info? What paperwork do you need to have to become a freelancer? Thanks.