power adapter

  1. matcreyn

    Replace 19v 2.37a power adapter

    After our last strike our M-Audio M-Track Eight sound card lost its power adapter and I am having the darndest time trying to find a replacement. 19v 2.37a DC center-positive barrel connector (IDK the ID and OD measurements). The manual and the device show nothing beyond 19v 2.37a. M-Audio’s...
  2. DannyDepac

    Power conditioner? Surge Protector? How to power rack of receivers for sennheiser g4

    Hey EveryoneI have put together a rack of about 16 (hoping to expand) Sennheiser G4 receivers and Antenna modules.So I am a school music teacher that does our HS stage crew on the side and in the grand scheme of things, I am kind of a sound noob who is learning as I go. So maybe there is an...