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    Lighting Pallets and Making Programing Quicker

    Hello all, I am a freelance lighting designer and I work on several different consoles depending on availability at the venue, mostly the ETC Ion. I currently own an ETC Expression 3 (I know...I need to catch up with the time. Not very helpful when it comes to movers and leds) paired with...
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    Night Club Console Layout--How do you like to layout your console?

    Hey folks, I'm in need of some advice. Here's the situation: I have been tasked with setting up a GrandMA2 ultra light (with two external touch screen monitors) for a lighting rig in a night club. The club has about 25 Robe Pointes, 16 Elation E Spots, 21 Snipers, 25 Protron Strobes, and 8...