1. M

    Preferred Projection Software

    I'm wondering what people's preferred software for running projections is, mine is QLab because of easy of use, relatively low price point, and personal familiarity with the software.If you have an opinion, please share your preference and why.Thanks
  2. K

    Projection Screen from Amazon?

    I have a small stage that we use projections on, typically on flats specific to the show, against the back wall of the stage (there is nothing behind it, literally a solid wall - I can't project directly onto it, though, because of irregularities in the wall). We were thinking that something a...
  3. jcslighting

    How do I do this?

    I am in the planning stages for a production this summer. We are using a venue with 2 installed projectors, one on each side of the stage. We want to use both projectors to cover a drop that will be hung onstage. The angle will be close to 50deg from ctr on each side so approx 100deg between...
  4. Dshoklighting

    MSC: Ion controlling Qlab 3

    Hello interwebs! Working with a projection designer right now and having issues with our MSC setup. I did this a few months ago and stupidly decided not to write anything down. Running on the latest software in both Ion and Qlab 3, but cant seem to get the Midi to connect.I've run through...
  5. EHansenLX

    Shrek Magic Mirror Projections

    Hi, I'm currently working on a production of Shrek The Musical and I'm in charge of all of the projections. The show involves the use of the magic mirror which is a mirror that flies in and we project a floating mask that talks on to it (if that makes any sense). The image should hopefully...
  6. Joshua Hoffman


    Hello, I am in charge of designing projections for a few upcoming productions at my local theatre. I need to find graphics for these to add into my projections. Does anyone know of a great place to get royalty free graphics? One that has been really hard to find is the chimney skyline for mary...
  7. A

    Projection Advice please ;-;

    My schools production of Almost, Maine is being taken to a one act competition and the only effects that would be available to take to another stage would be the northern lights courtesy of a projector. Any advice for approaching stage projections?