1. A

    Best material for small roll drop?

    Hi internet, A show I'm working on is going to have some a small roll up, custom painted, drops. Think pull down classroom maps. Its a few different backdrops that will get pulled down at different times on a spring loaded blind type mechanism. We are hiring a TBD artist to paint them. I was...
  2. P

    Traveler Track Hand Line takes a TON of force to pull

    My theater has a single track center part traveler hung on an ADC Besteel 170 track and I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to close. I recently replaced the homemade overlap carriers that my predecessor made (which didn't overlap very well) with the actual Model 2602s, and ever since I...
  3. P

    Folding Soft Goods with Fullness

    Hi all,I was wondering if anyone has some pointers on folding soft goods that have fullness, specifically traveler panels. I know the standard 3-4 top to bottom folds and then fold in towards center for both sides, but I've had trouble in the past keeping soft goods with fullness neat because...
  4. dvsDave


    @BOB FOREMAN , who runs the Vintage Theatre Catalog blog got a copy of a PDF Scan of complete Tiffen Scenic Studio Catalog from 1926 from a reader of his and has graciously made it available to download.
  5. beescores

    Practical Stove

    Hey, all. I'm trying to make a single burner on an old gas stove work for a current show. So far I hid a single burner camp stove inside the range top, and I've gotten it connected to a propane tank hidden in the oven (the stove is on the SL side of a 3/4 thrust so there's no wall to hide the...
  6. Kyle Wurtz

    Electrician's and Carpenter's Gloves

    Hi everyone!This my first time posting so bear with me. I'm a college freshmen lighting designer who had been working in theatre since freshmen year high school. But now that I'm freelancing over the summer I'm starting to buy a lot of my own gear to take to load-ins and things of the like...
  7. hutc6407

    Conveyor Belt in raised deck

    Hi everyone,Working on a production of Footloose and we want to have a conveyor belt system spanning 40' across our stage to move actors and small set pieces onstage/offstage, and across the stage. I have never built/worked a conveyor belt into a stage deck before, any help would be great! We...
  8. sheamorgan

    Outdoor Theater Scenic Advice! Help!

    I'm currently working on a production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" in the courtyard of my high school for the summer theater camp I work at. The space is very uneven with many steep hills and trees. The good news is that it takes place in the woods. The bad news is that the clearing we have...
  9. J

    Coffin Locks on Standard Platforms

    I am assuming this is a pretty simple question, but I can't find any tutorials on how to use coffin locks with a standard platform! I was looking specifically at Rosebrand's model but am open for suggestions.Do you simply cut a notch out of the top of the plywood on the edge and screw it to...
  10. J

    Spinning Bookcase a la Young Frankenstein

    We're doing a production of young Frankenstein and I'm stumped when it comes to the spinning bookcase.The scene in the musical greatly resembles This scene from the movie.As you see it is imperative that the door be able to spin 360 Degrees from a center pivot point. Another point that...
  11. Kate F

    Are there set standards for Vectorworks?

    Hello!I just started grad school and the way they use Vectorworks seems to be a little different than how I did it at undergrad. Is there a "cheat sheet" or set of standards that USITT or the like have put together for design packages? Line weights, etc.