1. D

    Apollo scroller squeak- maintenance suggestions?

    Hi all- looking for some advice with troubleshooting scroller sound. Several of our fixtures have a long slow squeak when scrolling between colors. I’m the visiting LD, and the td does not know the last time the scrollers were serviced. Is there a lubrication protocol for cranky scroller motors...
  2. F

    Difficulty with scrollers

    Hi, I’m using an ETC Element and Apollo Smart Color 7.25 scrollers. I created a new show file, and somehow messed up the patches for all of our scrollers. Our system contains numerous show plots, and the color palettes in all of them have been deleted. I made new color palettes based on record...
  3. Jadelight

    Wybron CXI-IT Gelstring Error

    Hey All,Has anyone had a "Gelstring 2 Broken" Error on a CXI-IT when the gel string is in fact NOT broken? I've opened it up, run the rollers, checked connections, blown it out for dust and everything shy of restringing it and nothing clears the error, but nothing seems wrong either. The...