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  1. jholmesIWG

    Seeking standalone, high-universe sACN and Audio Player

    Hello! Hoping to start a solid chain of wonderful sACN (e1.31) players that also do audio playback in sync with the lighting data.Naturally, ETC/Pharos have their Mosaic line which can do 2,000+ universes but its tens of thousands of dollars. On the other end, you have the DIY 'Falcon Pi...
  2. ShowNet

    JOBS: Show Control Programmers and Media Server Programmers at MSG Sphere, Las Vegas

    MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, a bleeding-edge 17,500 seat spherical venue opening in Fall of 2023, is currently hiring for Show Control Programmers and Immersive Video Engineers (aka, media server techs/programmers).Show Control Programmer Full-time in Las Vegas, salary range of $96,000 - $135,000...
  3. S

    LAN Problems with Crestron Unit

    So after spending nearly 2 hours on the phone with Crestron support (which is great btw), I discovered that our LAN connection in the booth was dead. That was ultimately the end of Crestron being able to help get our DMPS3 unit working again. Of course our Network guy was off, and my network...
  4. G

    Ion XE and QLab OSC

    Hi CBI'm in a bit of a bind trying to set up QLab to control my Ion XE via OSC. I have previously controlled an ETC Express via QLab MIDI cues, but the Ion XE doesn't have MIDI ports. Currently, I'm waiting on a USB to MIDI adapter to see if I can run it that way, but in the meantime I have...
  5. Isaac Smith

    Is promoting my project OK?

    Hello ControlBooth!I'm a hobbyist software developer and lighting/video/audio/whatever tech. Over the last few years I've put my spare time into a project to make a free and open-source show control system, Cedar. (Website still in development, I'll shoot some demo videos this week if I have...
  6. vman

    New V-Control 4.0 Open Source Show Control Software

    I want to introduce my brand new V-Control 4.0.V-Control is (as far as I know) the only Open Source Show Control Software for professional usage. V-Control is available for Windows 64 Bit, Linux 64 Bit, Raspberry Pi 32 Bit, and soon for MacOS X.V-Control 4 is not really comparable with...
  7. W

    Network Script Scrolling Software

    I was wondering whether script scrolling software over networked computers was a thing?? I was thinking something along the lines of having a bunch of networked computers at various position (DSM, Sound, LX etc) and the DSM would scroll through the script which would automatically scroll on the...
  8. Jay Ashworth

    What does *your* SMPTE show control chaser do with Fast Forward?

    This one didn't cope too well...
  9. Harrison

    MIDI SysEx w/ Leprecon console and QLab

    I’m working on a small middle school production, and my plan was to use Qlab as a show control device. I would be running projections, sound cues and lighting cues from my Macbook Pro, eliminating the need for multiple computers and operators. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the...
  10. thematthewman

    Martin M6 MIDI trigger

    Im starting to work with the Martin M6 console and I would like to trigger some video from the console. Is there a way to be able to send a specific MIDI note out of the console?Thanks
  11. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Issues and Solutions Midi Clock for Actors Onstage

    Im looking for a way to display the midi clock to the actors onstage.Any solutions?Clay
  12. M

    ION and MSC from Qlab 3 HELP QUICK

    Hello I am in currently a bit of a tight spot.I am trying to trigger my light Q's in an ETC ION via MSC messages in Qlab 3. I have done everything just about every manual says to do in terms of device ID, Shocwontrol setup in the console, and making sure that the MSC cue in Qlab is set to...
  13. NateJanota

    Learning Networking

    So I confess- I learned just enough Computer Engineering in college to be dangerous. Count the two years since I was a student and I really am barely even that anymore.This means my understanding of networking is shameful, at best, and a hindrance to my workplace (theme parks prefer networked...