MIDI SysEx w/ Leprecon console and QLab


I’m working on a small middle school production, and my plan was to use Qlab as a show control device. I would be running projections, sound cues and lighting cues from my Macbook Pro, eliminating the need for multiple computers and operators. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the lighting board to listen to Qlab over MIDI (it’s a Leprecon LPX-48). I’ve attached the releveant pages from the manual, and I was hoping that someone could show me how to write the SysEx (it doesn’t support MSC) message to trigger the GO button on the console.


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In QLab, select a MIDI cue using musical MIDI. Assuming the board is set to channel 1, select channel 1. Under type use Control Change. Under Control Number use 123. Value 127, maybe 128, can't remember off the top of my head if QLab runs 0-127 or 1-128.

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