sound system

  1. B

    Mixers/Consoles Yamaha Rivage PM7

    Hello. I am the sound designer/operator at my theatre. We are looking into upgrading our sound console from the LS9. One that both my technical director and I have taken interest in is the PM7. Now, the only issue I'm having is that I can't seem to find any source of where to buy one or even get...
  2. E

    Computer for sound system

    I am replacing a VERY old computer that I scavenged when I first took this job. The sound system had just been replaced, but the district in it's wisdom did not provide the requisite computer when they bought the system. This year I have some funds and am looking for a decent buy. It will need...
  3. Techie93

    Hiding Mic Packs

    I am currently Sound designing a production for The Full Monty. If you don't know about the show. It's basicly about guys looking for work and becoming male strippers. There are a few moments in the show. Especially at the end when 5 of the male leads strip down to dance belts while singing. My...
  4. Roma V

    New Sound System for Community Theatre

    Hi! I'm brand new to ControlBooth and looking for advice on what to buy for the youth community theatre that I work with.We're looking to get a complete sound system that does not have to rely on a venue's house system, because we generally change venues every summer and are never really sure...