Hello. I am the sound designer/operator at my theatre. We are looking into upgrading our sound console from the LS9. One that both my technical director and I have taken interest in is the PM7. Now, the only issue I'm having is that I can't seem to find any source of where to buy one or even get a quote on one. Anyone know of some place I can get a quote on/possibly purchase a PM7 system?
First off, I have to mention (jokingly) that if you have to ask...….;)
In reality you have to contact your pro audio source directly. You won't find retail price info online.
Some sources are:
Full Compass
Dale Pro Audio
The PM7 is a huge step up in price from the LS9, I’m not a dealer but for the console + IO boxes I’d guess you are looking at $70k+

The QL or possibly CL series are a closer fit to what the LS9 cost.

Either way contact for friendly neighborhood Yamaha Pro Audio Dealer for a price.
As others have suggested if yoiu're looking at the Rivage, you should be hooking it up to a $400K dollar sound system. As it's at the backbone of that class of audio reinforcement. The QL5 would be the direct modern upgrade to the LS9. The CL5 would be it's next bigger brother. at about $24,000 base, price I believe

but @JohnD hit it on the head with. "If you have to ask... you probably can't afford it"

Other options recently released "as upgrade" or similar but modern.
Allen & Heath just announced the Avantis (as what looks likes the GL112 replacement.)
Allen & Heath SQ7 is the middle ground between QL5/Avantis and LS9

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