1. Gage

    Kneisley xenon conversion/Strong Trouper help

    I recently picked up a carbon arc trouper that had been converted to xenon at some point, mid-80s if I were to guess. Everything is functional and the whole setup is pretty interesting, but someone along the line made a few questionable choices, which I'm slowly working on rectifying (Example...
  2. P

    Telrad sight for Source4 Spot Kit

    Is there a proper way/place to attach a Telrad sight to a Source4 Spotlight kit with a 10deg lens on it? I can't really find a good mounting place on the unit and my spot ops are having trouble with pick ups, so they definitely need the sights. Thanks in advance!
  3. Adam R. Jezl-Sikorski

    Auto Link Label Legend with Lighting Symbol?

    Is there a way to assign a label legend to a lighting symbol?i.e.Everytime I plot a Source Four 26°, or a 6" fresnel, the legends will automatically assign themselves to the instrument?Thanks all! ARJS
  4. Rose03

    Strong Spotlight HMI Retrofit

    Does anyone know of a retrofit kit to allow me to put an arc lamp in my 1977ish Strong Trouperette II?
  5. WooferHound

    Modified Telrad, No Batteries, has Area Lighting added

    I brought a Telrad home to repair and ended up making it work without batteries and added two sets of area lighting: White & Blue.Removed the batteries Added 5v Phone charger Wall Wort changed dimmer to an on/off switch added 2 more switches for Blue and White Area lighting Added 2 Blue...
  6. Rose03

    Lycian Xenon Spot On Dimmer

    I found a Lycan Miget HP on a dimmer. Is this ok to do? It is running off an ETC Cem3 dimmer, the level for the spotlight was set from the dimmer's cpu, not the desk.
  7. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Spot & Hybrid Prism Basics

    Prisms should be an essential tool for any designer. In this Video Insights, CHAUVET Professional’s Mike Graham reviews some basic steps you can take to increase your prism power, from rotating prisms at different speeds on your spot fixture to combining prisms on a hybrid. Watch now.
  8. E

    Conventional Fixtures Cleaning lamp socket terminals on 360Qs

    Hi, this is my first thread here and I want to get some insight on the best approach on cleaning socket terminals. At my high school we've got 8 source fours with 575w bulbs in them to light our stage and pit. After the source fours were installed, the old 360Qs were retired. Still lying around...
  9. petercav17

    Loud buzzing from LDR Canto 1200 Spotlight

    Hey all,We just got 2 new LDR Canto 1200 spotlights a couple of days ago. Due to a shipping/packing error we only received one lamp, so I was only able to test the one. I assembled it and fired it up and it works great, but there is a really loud buzzing sound coming from the lamp. We can hear...
  10. D

    Conventional Fixtures Help with spotlight

    Hello,I am a teacher and also the director of our theatre program. I have 4th and 5th grade students. We were gifted a spotlight. It is an AltSpot Follow Spotlight, from who knows what year. Two weeks after it came to us, the lamp burnt out. I had a very hard time trying to remove it. Finally...