wireless dmx

  1. Sharon RC4

    RC4 Inspirational Videos for Theater and Music

    Want to do more with your wireless dmx and dimming? Need to get inspired? RC4 has some great videos to help you get the most out of your wireless equipment! Smoothly dim a flicker candle: https://rc4.info/knowledge-base/smoothly-dim-a-low-cost-flicker-candle/ Servo motor control...
  2. klinnks

    Automated Fixtures DMX RGBW Globes

    I am wondering if anyone has any products in mind that would work my the show I am building. The design calls for globes in a tree that are all RGBW, DMX controllable, and wireless. I have found a lot of LED gear out there but nothing that meets all three requirements. I don't need to it be a...
  3. Sharon RC4

    RC4 Wireless and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was first performed in 1602; since then, actors have been portraying Viola and Orsinio around the world. When Australia’s Queensland Theatre mounted their production of Shakespeare’s classic, they chose to use a revolve that required wireless DMX. “The stunning set...
  4. D

    Multiple Wireless DMX protocol transmitter?

    Maybe I'm just daydreaming here... Is there a product out there that outputs on multiple Wireless DMX bands? Something that can talk both to CRMX units and W-DMX units? Or is this not feasible?
  5. Tesla3

    QolorFLEX™ 4x2.5A Dimmer connectivity issues

    Hello all! So I'm working on controling 24v RGBA LED tape with the qolorflex Neo dimmers. I'm running two 12 volt batteries in series to it, my show ID matches my show baby, I'm addressed properly, my Dimming curve is that of LED's, AND my board patch is right. When I power up my qolorflex, my...
  6. J

    RC4 Wireless 2-dim Prop

    Hi all, For our show, an actor needs to walk around stage with a kerosene practical lantern and will turn on the lantern onstage. We have a RC4 wireless 2-dim which hides very nicely in the base of the prop. I was wondering which low-voltage light source would look best for the job, if you...
  7. klane2

    Why are my LED cyc lights occasionally blinking off and on?

    I use LED source fours with cyc adaptors to light our hard cyc. Because I work in an old facility that is not wired for DMX we set them up with wireless DMX, specifically a ColorSource Relay Transmitter and Receiver. Most of the time they work great, but occasionally, usually at the end of a...