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Hey all,

I am just learning the software Vivian from Cast Software.

I am having 1 issues i just cannot figure out how to resolve.

The event i am trying to work on is in a tent, but neither of the default "tents" match what i am looking to do, as its a double center pole tent.

So i figured, he i would just free hand draw the room, shouldnt be that hard.

So i got the floor, the lower section of the walls, and the tent poles.

I got to trying to do the ceiling/connection to the lower walls (the angled section that goes into the middle poles) and i just cannot figure out how to angle the walls.

It keeps drawing them straight up and down, or flat.

Does anyone know how to do this?

help would be appreciated.



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you might want to try to draw a series of curves and connect the triangles that it makes into a surface. You might have better luck drawing the tent in autoCAD/vectorworks/sketch up and them import that drawing into vivian.


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Sketch-up, Sketch-up, it's so easy and it's free ! Hey somebody put that to music and sell it to them as a jingle !! Hey it kinda fits the slinky jingle. Just being goofy. I've never used Vivien. I think I'll download the 90 MB trial version and see what it looks like.

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