3phase electricity


hi i am a student at newcastle performing arts academy i am in the process of putting together a portfolio for tech maintanance, can anyone help me with 3pahase continuity i cannot find anything


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the biggest thing you will run into, is that due to the phase cycle if you simply try to use a meter to check the voltage you will not get correct readings. Since your question was sort of general, look at the other threads, and also do a google search on three phase power



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First off, this is the new member board and no one seems to have said Welcome to Controlbooth. (Guys, welcome first, THEN send them to the search button...)

Now, would you care to clarify what you mean when you say "3 phase continuity"? Are we looking to see that a 3 phase cable is intact or what? Until we know what you are really asking, then the help that we give isn't going to be very useful to answering your questions.

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