Best Way to Clean New Lighting Instruments

Oct 4, 2017
My school received new lighting instruments of fall 2019 including ETC Colorsource, Elation Sixpar 300, Chauvet Ovation C-805 FC, Elation Artiste Davinci, and Elation Rayzor 360z. We were told to clean them annually, however, with COVID we are a bit late to the punch.

As a student, I have only cleaned incandescents, never LED instruments. What is the best way to clean them for an annual spring cleaning? Thank you in advance.


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It all depends on the environment they're used in. Do you use a lot of haze or other atmospheric effects? Then you may need to clean the residue off the lenses and other glass filters, if not you may be ok with just blowing out the dust with some canned air spray. The SixPar fixture is convection cooled so no need to open, just dust off the exterior, the DaVinci's may need to have the cases opened and dusted, the Rayzor is about the same, but with no gobos or filters there will be less junk blocking the light path and hindering output, you do still have internal electronics that need to be kept dust free, but that's about it.


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Robert nailed it. Mike Graham put out a great video on how to clean a moving head.

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Jan 21, 2016
In addition to the great advice above, reputable manufacturers have manuals that tell you how to operate and maintain their stuff. You can often get them online, or call the maker and ask. Theater equipment makers are friendly folks.

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