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Hey i just finished programing my first show which uses inteligant lighting (to bad its only one studio spot) its a musical called Tick Tick Boom Check it out . its written by the same guy who wrote rent Jonathan larson its amazing and has a great cast includeing Dean Armstrong from Queer as Folk

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I got the same thing. It is "The Leading Terrorism Site on the Net". My guess is this is the wrong link!!
Interesting website. I like how it is so interactive. I do not have any plans to go to Canada in the near future though. Let me know when (if) it comes to the states!!
I got a 404 Error when I tried accessing the main site.... :?:
I had to download Macromedia Shockwave before I could access the site. There was a pop ip prompting me to download it. Mabye this will help!?!

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