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    I inherited a couple of huge boxes of clout nails in the new scene shop I'm TD of. Whatever am I going to do with them? Is there someone somewhere who might be interested in taking them off my hands? Right now they are just taking up space. As are boxes of other 4d-12d common nails that I don't think I'd use in a couple of decades at the new job. I would feel bad just selling them for scrap metal, but is there a better use for any of this? I won't let the boxes take up storage space forever.

    Elizabeth Pietrzak
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    topeka, ks
    I'd put them on craigslist
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    Why not use them, if not keep a box of them for educational purposes?

    You know, I was trained in clout nail flats, even created a table with steel plates in the corners and center for doing them and they work just as well if not better than pneumatic nailing of a flat. Ok, pneumatic nailiing is better but they do work on a soft flat and all, but still, can do and they will hold up just as well.

    Clout nailing a flat is a time honored tradition that should be passed on. At least for class, instead of having the kids make a 12x18" flat, have them make one of each. If not in school conditions, find a school that would be interested in them for that purpose.

    12d nails... still at times have usefulness, though if 6d double head it will have been more useful. Still a 6d is good for legging and bracing for platforms as with 8d for this. If not too much to ever be useful, hang onto them and use them when needed. Otherwise it's always good to keep nails in stock and they are useful. Don't have room, make it - more a question of you not managing enough room than in not having it.

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