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Jan 8, 2016
New York City
Hey Controlbooth!

As the global impact of CoViD-19 and the resulting closure of public spaces around the world has severely impacted the entertainment industry, we have done everything possible as a small business to support our industry. As an on-line web-based service, many students who are sheltering in place and currently unable to physically attend classes are able to finish their design work with Drafty. We are supporting students and non-students alike to the fullest extent possible. Below are some more details.

We offer free months of Drafty to current monthly subscribers who inform us of financial hardship. All new monthly subscriptions through the end of this month to the LX and AV plans now get an additional two months of free trial for a total of three months free. New student subscriptions to AV and LX, through the end of this month get three months on top of the normal 30 day free trial, for four month total. We have been increasing production of training videos and hosted one of, hopefully several free on-line training sessions.

In short we are doing everything possible to support you in a low to no cost way while still maintaining payroll for our employees. If you are curious about further details on how to claim any of these offers please contact our support team through the in-app Feedback button.

Stay safe out (or hopefully in) there!
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