Difficulty of shows

I realize that some shows are far more difficult than others to build the set. For example, last spring, we did Into the Woods. It was fairly difficult because we had to build a giant tree and a tower, not to mention several wagons. This fall, however, we performed The Diviners, which only used platforms and lighting. What are some of the hardest shows that you've had to create?
Usually its our summer musical that tends to get a little overboard in all departments. For the last two I can remember there were unit sets with just huge honkin' peices all on casters. IE Ffor Peter Pan there were huge staircases, a nursery window/big ben, the ship's, umm, thingy, and smaller little things like a chest or a ships wheel and crates, cannons, cannonballs, and then 2 little stair units. The hardest build item was actually the Big Ben unit, because it was basically a huge weird shaped base and a tall wall, except it was supposed to be htge windows so it was just framework so it became extremely top heavy, which was a problem because the windows hat to split in the muddle and open up, folding in half, with out anyone visible, so they had to be flat and operated from underneath. That unit broke a few times during test runs, basically the top wiggled so much it broke the structure and snapped off.

I actually enjoy tough sets thoug, because I like solving problems, and these sets just come chock full of them!
It has to be "Anything Goes". This had two curved staircases, an upper platform, and had to have stairs up and down backstage as well. It also had to have two wagons that could be concealed backstage. That was the hardest (and most involved and biggest) set that I've ever taken part in.
Here, at the shakes company, we build the entire stage each year, as it takes place in an amphitheatre. We have to buld out the deck about 20-30 ft. from the existing one, then usually a two story stage house (the last two seasons) that's about 75' wide and 35ish feet tall. This takes 5 guys about 5 weeks of fulltime work to get done.
Of course, there are also three 30' FOH tri-trusses that go up vertically, all that need to be climbed (by me) to hang cross bars and between 7 and 12 instruments. Instruments also go in the surrounding trees and on stage.

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