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I am working on completing a install that is in need of a DVD mastering suite of types. I am looking for recommendations/reviews of some PC based DVD mastering software.

This will be running in parallel to a Wirecast system, that currently does not do any live streaming just recording to disk. Once they have a final file from the service they want to be able to quickly burn it to DVD to take home, they are not looking for more then one or two copies per service so we shouldn't need a duplicator at this point.

Essentially I am looking for a fast way to create menus/navigation and then burn to a disk. EASY operation, and FAST burning is essential. We can record to disk in many different formats, so we should be able to find something that doesn't need too much compression for DVD.

Anyone have any experience with a similar situation?


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DVDs are a thing of the past. I would look to try to get them to stick the flash drive in their tv. Most tvs newer than 2013 will have the ability to play from a stick. No need for menus and chapters just straight to the video.

Especially if is for personal use.

Those dvds will add up after a while. Roughly 416 not including Holidays.

But if you want to burn to DVD. I prefer using Xilosoft. I does things fast and you can preload profiles so you only have to do it once. It makes great use of CPU and GPU to speed up encoding time. Which is what takes longer than the actual burning time. Which you will want to do slow if you would like preserve your burner drive.

Tldr: flash drive is better.


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Thank you Amiers!

I am right there with you that DVD's are a thing of the past. Not my client to argue with.

Thank you for the recommendation!

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