ETC is hiring for Tech Support in Middleton, WI

Do you love solving problems? Being able to come through with a solution in a pinch?

ETC is looking for our next great Tech Support Specialist to join the Middleton, WI team! ETC is a leader in visual entertainment technologies, and our team of Tech Support Specialists are responsible for identifying technical issues and providing solutions to our end-users, technicians and others in need of an expert to solve their puzzles. Our best candidates are smart, curious, and talented problem solvers who enjoy both the technical and interpersonal aspects of providing excellent customer service. Qualified applicants will have a bachelor’s degree or comparable experience and knowledge of technical theatre or architectural control systems. Knowledge of electronics or electrical theory/practice, and at least one year of experience in customer service or a technical role are also encouraged. Applicants must have superior customer service, communication, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.

Pay for this position starts at $61,000 but actual offer could be more based on candidate's experience and education. ETC offers an excellent benefit package including a generous paid time off policy, quarterly bonuses, company ownership, an on-site fitness center, an at-cost deli, and most importantly, some of the best coworkers you could ask for!

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or apply online at:

Representative Responsibilities:
• Responds to technical questions over the phone, email and web mail in an accurate and timely manner
• Identifies issues and accurately provides information to address the issues
• Identifies steps to take if problem is not resolved
• Completes and updates paperwork and databases
• Ensures a response that leads to customer satisfaction
• Assures service customer receives accurate product information
• Supports product development teams by providing serviceability point of view and input from customer
• Represents Technical Service Department at Product Development meetings
• Tests new products and communicates results to appropriate personnel
• Provides product training
• Develops training materials and provides education on new products
• Assures attendees receive accurate information
• Processes replacement and/or new part orders
• Identifies required parts and confirms with the customer
• Completes and updates service order paperwork and database in a timely manner
• Informs customer of order status
• Coordinates repair activities
• Determines repair need with customer
• Generates RMA’s and issues loaner equipment when necessary
• Ensures repair technician understands the unit’s problem and the due date back to the customer
• Updates databases in a timely manner
• Verifies loaner equipment is returned after customer’s unit is returned in conjunction with RMA coordinator
• Informs customer of repair status
• Provides back-up field service support
• Identifies and resolves customer problems
• Guarantees installation is successful
• Assures client understands the operation of installed equipment
• Provides 24-hour pager support on a rotating schedule
• Responds to customer’s page within 15 minutes
• Assures caller is satisfied with response
• Identifies steps to take if problem is not resolved
• Calls dealer or Tech. for help
• Sends loaner
• Sends parts
• Completes and updates paperwork and database
• Other duties as assigned
• Special projects and requests are requested in a timely and positive fashion

Minimum Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree or comparable business experience in increasingly responsible positions in the related discipline
• We're open to all levels of job-related experience, but one year of previous job-related experience is required in a customer service or technical support role, such as:
Theatre Management
• Help Desk
• Service Industry
• Knowledge of technical theatre and/or knowledge of electronics and/or electrical theories or practices
• Strong communication, organizational, problem solving and interpersonal skills
• Computer skills
• Customer service skills
• Able to use hand tools, power tools, and electronic measuring devices
• Able to drive automobile and have an acceptable driving record
• Able to obtain and keep a valid passport
• Able to think quickly, creatively, objectively and decisively
• Able to work well under pressure and defuse volatile situations
• Able to work well independently
• Ability to work weekend and evenings as required
Thanks for posting the pay.

As someone from Wisconsin Middleton is in a nice location. You can live in Madison for the small city life or in a rural farming area and still be to ETC in 20 minutes. Devils Lake State park is awesome and the airport is getting more direct flights. April through October there is no place I'd rather be.
I wish I hadn’t moved out west I would apply for this in a heart beat.
You know they have trucks you can put all your stuff in and move back....

I'd think think a handful of people who have high post counts here on CB would want to put that on their cover letter when applying....
You know they have trucks you can put all your stuff in and move back....

I'd think think a handful of people who have high post counts here on CB would want to put that on their cover letter when applying....
I’ve created a life here. Uprooting again so soon for a lateral move is hard to justify. This is just the tip of the Pros and Cons. The second I read the post I made one and lost. If Dave would sign off on it I would totally put CB Troubleshooter on my resume/cv if and when I apply for another job anytime soon.

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