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hey guess i gotta help with some fiber glassing soon any hints you could give

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hey guess i gotta help with some fiber glassing soon any hints you could give

I would say to start off wear rubber gloves and a dust mask and full eye protection... not just glasses, but goggles. Those particles suck to have on your skin. Also would say wear long sleaves and long pants. Depending on the rosen you are working with make sure you are also working in a very well ventalated area. When done take a cold shower to wash off any particles that happen to have gotten on your skin to keep them from getting into your pores.

Other than that, patience and be ready to get frustrated a couple of times depending on that your makeing... The last fiberglassing i did was helping my dad fix the hull of our sailboat... about a 1' diameter hole put in a double hull system... that was a painful day.


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I'd prefer a Good Respirator & a lot of ventilation. Remember to fill areas as much as possible prior to fixing with fiberglass, ie. Let's say you have a big dent in something fill as much of that dent as possible prior to leveling the surface out with fiberglass.
Dittos on the ruber gloves and long sleeves. If possible get one of those 3M paper coveralls to wear and wrap your shoes/boots as well or you'll glue your shoelaces together !


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There is a lot of boating in my area and so there are lots of fiberglass resources. One local fiberglass company offers free weekend workshops to get you started... being that you are on the other side of the world, that isn't going to help you much. However, they also have some decent information available on their website. Go to and click on "How To's" at the top.

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