So we are going to be putting on Mid Summer Night's dream, and as such the topic of Fiberoptics has come up. I bet this is probably the most common way to get that sparkle in the mystical trees and flowers. Seeing as I dont know that much about Fiberoptics, i sugested using the premade battery operated handheld gizmos you often see as party favors that offer a small amount of fibers attached to a plastic handle. These could be mounted into the tree and we could rewire so that they could all be turned on at once. I was wondering if anyone here had some experiance with Fiberoptics and might no where i could go to get more info, or if anyone had any other ideas. Thanks
are you looking at buying or building?

Plastic fiber these days has gotten pretty cheap based on networking and volume and cheap manufacturing,, Basically you have side glow and end glow.

At the most basic level, you can make up a bundle of plastic fiber, put it in something like a top hat on the front of an instrument, and then you can dim and control the light level.

making fiber optic curtains / stuff is a blast. I made a curtain once, poked it through the fabric then melted the end with a soldering iron. The bigger the "knot" on the end the bigger the light. I powered them with a mr16 light built into a box the bundle of fiber optic just ran back to the box. Two things to consider. Make sure the box is ventalated and you have sufficient clearence between lamp and bundle end. both caveats have to do with heat build up and not winding up with a melted bundle of plastic.
Some very nice ideas. Thanks! This is a completely new technology to me, and as much as i appreciate all the info you can find online about the way the lightwaves are traveling through the plastic, i just wanted to know how to set it up. Thanks again!
make sure you get the fibre that is entended for this purpose, and not data fiber, because you might end up wanting to kill yourself later on in the process.

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