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Well, I have just attempted to run the migration, but it isn't wanting to cooperate.... also because I have to figure out how to handle a 50+ megabyte database. (server wants to timeout)

I'll keep you informed as I keep working on this migration.


P.S. If there are any SQL DB specialists in the crowd, contact me via email at: webmaster (at) controlbooth (.) com
Dave, I would be more then happy to host the site since you are having so many server problems. I happen to have a LARGE piece of webspace that I only use for a personal website. Let me know if you need anything.
I would also be able to give you a sub-domain off of my website if you wanted it. I've got 3 gigs of space, 25 gigs of bandwidth that is for the most part unused. I don't know how much you need.....

Or I could give you some space to store back-ups or other things online if you wanted it....
Thanks guys,

But it's not a matter of needing hosting space, it's now a matter of me doing the migration. I also host some other sites on my plan so I am migrating these sites as well.

Because of the original problems that have now been fixed, the new hosting provider is refunding the first month and giving me the next two months free! (a $90 value!)

Controlbooth does about 1 to 2 GB of bandwidth a week nowadays, so I need a plan that can support that. I have a good deal worked out with my hosting providor, so this should work for the next couple months or even a year, but my plan is eventually to move to a dedicated server over at and have total control over my site. :)

Right now I just need a DB guru to help me thru the migration.

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