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CB Classified Rules

Discussion in 'CB Classifieds' started by dvsDave, May 10, 2010.

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    Welcome to CB Classifieds. CB Classifieds have their own special rules governing them and has a 15-post minimum required to post. Please read all of the rules before posting to CB Classifieds. is not responsible for any loss due to any sale or exchange on CB Classifieds.

    All General Forum Rules Are To Be Followed

    Posting an Item for Sale, For Trade, or Wanted On ControlBooth Classifieds

    (1) The SUBJECT of your thread should reflect the type of transaction FS (For Sale), FT (For Trade), FFS (For Free + Shipping), WTB (Want to Buy) or WTTF (Want to Trade For).

    (2) No MISLEADING Titles or item descriptions.

    (3) No Price or "interest" CHECKS. (If you don't want to sell it, don't post it).

    (4) CONSOLIDATE Threads. Do not post multiple threads, keep all your FS/FT deals in one thread, and all WTB/WTTF deals in a different thread. You should only have one FS/FT and one WTB/WTTF thread active at any one time. When making a new thread, include items from the old thread.

    (5) No excessive BUMPING of your thread. Excessive bumping using Bump, TTT, ^^^, or other multiple wording to place your thread at the top is limited to 24 hours apart. Repeated bumping by another member within the 24 hour minimum will not be tolerated. Repeated long term bumping of a thread will not be allowed. Any abuse of the bumping rules is to be determined at the discretion of the CB Staff over and beyond the stated rules on a case by case basis.

    (6) You MUST Post a PRICE unless the item is purely FT. (Trading for cash still means FS).

    (7) No pirated software sales or trades. No sale of not for resale items or Academic software.

    (8) Do not post anything that violates any US Federal, State, or Local laws, including but not limited to: copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, NDA, TOS, EULA, NEC, or NFPA.

    (9) No AUCTION style posts.

    (10) No multi-level marketing schemes. (PYRAMID Schemes)

    (11) No linkage to sales on EBAY or other auction boards.

    (12) No sales of COUPONS or any other freely distributed items such as DewU codes, Marlboro miles, Gmail, Dell discount codes, etc.

    (13) No PANHANDLING (Requests for money, paypal, or goods and services for free). This includes requests for donations of unwanted equipment.

    (14) No trading MONEY for money. (Borrowing money with higher payback).

    (15) No LINKING to other sites except for image hosting. Do not steal bandwidth from others, host your own images or use an image hosting site such as or a similiar hosting site.

    (16) No SHOUTING. If you don't know..THIS IS SHOUTING. This applies to thread titles also.

    (17) No THREAD CRAPPING. It is rude and will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with the price, the seller or the conditions of the sale, contact the seller directly, do not post it in the thread.

    (18) No CONTEST threads

    (19) No alcohol, tobacco, firearms, weapons, explosives, or of any kind or pornography (anything that can be classified "Adult Material") are to be sold here..... nothing that is governed by the Federal Government as interstate trade. Likewise, no pharmaceuticals, legal or otherwise, can be sold here.

    (20) Dealers or Vendors may not sell new equipment. Selling of previously used equipment such as rental stock or demo units is allowed.

    (21) CB is acting only as a medium for the advertisement, and makes NO claims or representations. Contact and negotiations should be made via e-mail, phone, or in person; and NOT via ControlBooth Private Message. All posters must supply a valid e-mail address. email addresses should be displayed as [noparse][email protected][/noparse] (this will turn the email address into a picture and make it impossible to be captured and used by spammers, like this -> [email protected])

    (22) If/when the item is sold, withdrawn, or otherwise no longer available, please CLEARLY edit the 1st post in the thread with the current status.

    (23) All Items posted must be in some way connected to entertainment technology.

    Posting a Job on ControlBooth Classifieds

    (1) This is not a place to post resumes. This is a place for employers to look for employees, not the other way around.

    (2) Any job posted must be in the technical entertainment technology field; no performance jobs/auditions may be posted.

    (3) The posting must clearly identify if the job is a volunteer, internship, or paid position. If not for a permanent full-time position, the duration must be specified.

    (4) Negative comments about the employer or job will not be tolerated.

    (5) No posting of false information. Those posts will be removed.

    (6) All posters must supply a valid email address to be contacted at.

    (7) If the position is hired or is being withdrawn, please CLEARLY edit the 1st post in the thread with the current status.

    (8) All job postings must contain a clearly stated expiration date.

    The above rules are made for the protection of all. Failure to comply with the rules will result in suspension of privileges to post in this forum, or forfeiture of forum membership, according to the severity of the infraction. CB Staff reserves the right to modify, edit, move or delete any part or all of a post or thread for any reason stated above.

    Tips to be Safe on the CB Classifieds

    (1) Always use delivery confirmation/signature required, and always keep the proof that you shipped.

    (2) Always ask for a real name, home address, and telephone number. Verify it with a call or a search in the white pages.

    (3) If the seller/employer is suspicious, please search for info about him or contact a Staff member. If deal/gig sounds too good to be true, chances are that it is.

    (4) Don’t jump to conclusions, email the seller/employer if you have problems, if you have their phone number, give them a call.

    Avoiding Scammers

    (1) No matter what, get a name, address and phone number and then confirm the information by:

    a. Phoning the telephone number and checking if it is actually them.

    b. Going to or a similar site and check out if the last name matches the address. If it does not match, find out why from the trader before selling (the telephone may be listed to another party in the house) Chances are if they won't provide a phone number, something is up.

    (2) Don't ship first without getting good references. You can get money back through different means if your money is taken, but you're out of luck if you ship before receiving payment.

    (3) Use a credit card with paypal when at all possible. You're only liable for $50 in damages if someone rips you off.

    (4) If you cannot use a credit card, use a check since they are traceable and can prove your case if it comes down to contacting the police.

    (5) Keep a record of all conversation with the person pertaining to the transaction. It provides backup when having to deal with the police.

    (6) Be wary of anyone with a recent forum registration date. Post count means little, date of registration does.

    (7) If a deal seems too good to be true, chances are that it be wary.
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