Hello All!

Hello everyone. My name is Brandon and I just joined up today after seeing an ad for Controlbooth.com in an industry publication. I have been lighting live production and all types of events for fifteen years. I figured I would stop by to see what is going on with others and to help others when and where I can. Furthermore, I own a full service production lighting company. I look forward to talking with all of you!



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Welcome aboard!

Sounds like a cool gig that you've got going.

Always good to have people with plenty of experience on here.

(wow...Van's finally not the default responder to new users! I'm workin' on keeping that tab open during work, Van...)


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Welcome Aboard ! Good to have you here. I think you'll find this is a great place. I know Ilove answering questions helping where I can, and yes belive it or not I even learn a thing or two ! hehehe:mrgreen:

Soundlight, I'm busy playing event planner for our big 25th anniversary/ gala/ auction fundraiser/ season announcement. Oh yeah and getting "Retreat from Moscow" and "They Came from Way out There" ready to load-in within a week of each other. I'm busy so to speak. :(

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