Hi Control Booth. I am Jeni O'Malley.(portfolio at http://jeniomalley.com/) I am a costume designer in Saint Paul Minnesota. I am a MFA student at the University of Minnesota. I worked in the theater for many years prior but am now seeking that terminal degree.

I got into theater because my mom was a musical director. I grew up in rehearsals and learned most of what I know today from a wide variety of actors, tec, and other theater folk. I have worked in just about every aspect of the theater at one point or the other but I found a home in Costumes. I love non-traditional design and innovation. I like to push boundaries and make relevant theater.

I am currently looking to assist other more established costume designers. I wan't to get to know more about other designers process and expand my theatrical contacts outside of Minnesota.
Welcome Jeni! Great to have you aboard. We look forward to your expertise in our Costume Forum.

We hope you enjouy your time here on CB!


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