IA announces a new Safety App. . .

Discussion in 'Safety' started by RonHebbard, Sep 13, 2019 at 1:54 PM.

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    Hello All; Just in from the IA local I retired from. I haven't read the app' yet but it sounds like it's worth a read.

    " Please be advised, the IATSE has a free Safety Info App that is downloadable from both the Apple App and Google Play stores. It provides province-specific safety information, as well as an IATSE hazard reporting form and a direct link to the Safety Hotline.

    The IATSE Safety Info App is a free, valuable resource, and I would encourage you to download it, if you haven’t already done so.

    Thanks, and stay safe always.
    Business Agent
    IATSE Local 357
    Stratford, ON N5A 6W3 "

    Ron Hebbard
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    It's actually been around since 2018, but if anybody is curious here's a page with links for the apple or android versions.

    There's also a local 600 cinematographers version with a different safety line and geared toward the film side.
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