Complete List of Industry Training Resources

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More of a tips and tricks presentation by Anthony Chiappone (PM for Vdeo and Pixel Products).
It's being streamed live via Chauvet Professional's FB page, Instagram, and Youtube Channel, at 2pm. If you miss it, it will be archived on the Chauvet Professional Youtube channel.

on any of the live feeds, you can ask questions in the comments section, and Anthony or one of our other team members (depending on which platfor you're on) will answer there.
I've been adding webinars by PracticalShowTech, mostly they involve RF- mics, IEMs, point to point, intercom; COMS (in caps) of the matrix and wireless types, including CrewCom; RF over fiber (cool stuff).

The folks behind PST are Mac Kerr (moderator of Live Audio Board), Pete Erskine of Best Audio (when all the other old road dogs have gray hair, Pete went green!), Henry Cohen of Radio Aktiv Designs (wireless coms) and a rotating cast of Greek Chorus. Serious CVs....

All the webinars have been archived on either GoToWebinar or Zoom (depending on original streaming). The archive page is here:

Free, but you have to sign up each time you view. The content is well worth the minor inconvenience. Take a look!
This is an ever-evolving list of Training Resources that our industry is offering. I'm compiling this list from a variety of sources, including r/techtheatre, (big thanks to these guys, they have done the lions share of this compilation, livedesign, 4wall, vls, and

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  • Event Calendar - adding scheduled webinars as fast as we can from all the resources below.
  • Resources - adding prerecorded videos and material that you can access anytime

Lighting Courses

Audio Training

Rigging Courses and Resources
  • Chicago Flyhouse – FREE Flyhouse Training—for technicians of all skill and experience levels. This session will include a panel of Flyhouse trainers and will demonstrate a variety of ways to secure arbors during loading.
  • Chicago Flyhouse Youtube Channel - A phenomenal resource of excellent videos for various aspects of rigging, arbors, safety, and product training
  • The Rigging World – Helpful articles about rigging safety
  • Creative Conners Resource Page – Free resources and training for Conners products
  • Tait Towers - TAIT is now offering free online training courses for iQ Powered by NAVIGATOR (does require you to create a free support account)

Websites With Tools and Training

Lighting Designers Sharing Helpful Information

  • Christian Jackson – Some of the best tutorial videos you’ll find on Youtube. Plus, his photography is AMAZING!
  • Mike Wood – Love this guy. He’s been busy hosting weekly webinars and doing weekly hangouts every Wednesday at 8pm EDT on ZOOM

Educational YouTube Channels, Videos, and Playlists

Thank you so much for this !
The first post in this thread is a WikiPost, and can be edited by anyone with the appropriate permissions.

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