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Lighting Effects Revealed

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by stantonsound, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. stantonsound

    stantonsound Active Member

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    I don't know if this has been posted here before, and if so...I apologize.

    I have spent hours and hours recreating an effect for a scene that I was sure had already been done, but couldn't find it anywhere. Apollo has a great resource on their website that tells you how to create effects with their lighting products, and then shows you a quicktime video of the effect in motion. It has everything from a sunrise to twinkling stars to a dancing mardi gras dancer. Most use gobo rotators, or other similar devices, and I am sure that you can use Rosco or whatever you already I am not trying to sell you Apollo products (although I do use their products more than the others and have been very happy).
    The website is
    The effects listed are:
    * 60's Dots
    * Apparition
    * Blazing Sun
    * Bursting Flowers
    * Cascading Snow
    * Circling Dots
    * Digital Rain
    * Disco #1
    * Evil Eyes
    * Evolving Clouds
    * Fall Leaves Swaying
    * Fierce Forest Fire
    * Fiery Pumpkin
    * Fireplace Flames
    * Flaming diamonds
    * Flaming Skull
    * Flipping Discs
    * Flying Butterflies
    * Glowing Campfire
    * Honeycomb Hurricane
    * Kaleidoscope
    * Lavender Explosion
    * Liquid Stars
    * Mardi Gras Dancer
    * Multiple Rolling Clouds
    * Pastel Diamonds
    * Psychedelic Swirl
    * Reflecting Surface Water
    * Rolling Square
    * Shark In Distance
    * Shimmering Star
    * Sketch Tunnel
    * Sparkle Box
    * Sparkling Fireworks
    * Spooky Ghost
    * Stained Glass Window
    * Sunrise Through Waves
    * Swirling Squares
    * Time Tunnel
    * Twinkling Stars
    * Underwater Ripples
    * Water Shimmer
  2. raeraeiam

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    Rochelle, Illinois
    wow that's cool, and i'll definitely be using that in the future!!
  3. JustinTech

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    Kirksville, MO, United States
  4. Dionysus

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    London, Ontario, Canada
    Another good resource that has been around for a long time is the GAM recipe book (both in paper or online)...

    GAM Products Recipe Book...

    I tend to buy Rosco (since it's close enough) and occasionally Apollo, but I first got a copy of the GAM recipe book back in like 1999. It still sits with all my product catalogues and such. I've used it several times to show a few rookies some different ideas without any effort on my part when time is short and they seem eager.

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