Little Blizzard (fake snow) + Harley dancefloor == New Harley dancefloor(?)

Jay Ashworth

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Feb 7, 2014
St Pete FL USA
So we did this show this week, and used a fake snow machine for about 5 minutes at the end.

And I went to wet-mop the stage afterwards, there were lots of really weird skinny tracks across it, crossing the tape lines of the Harlequin dance flooring, and when I mopped over them, water wouldn't stay there.

I'm inferring -- since I've been mopping this Harley for 3 years now, and this never happened before -- that it has something to do with with fake snow. Anyone got any ideas?

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Aug 15, 2008
The only idea I have is to find out what is in the snow fluid and then check with Harlequin about how best to clean it. Fake snow fluid is usually soapy water and alcohol but there are lots of surfactants that might have been used. It may just need more water and elbow grease.

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