Martin Maxremote problems


Jul 26, 2011
Has anyone used the Maxremote app? I recently started using it with a maxxyz compact. Setup was easy, but it is not showing all my cuelists. There's three " playback pages" and what cuelists are in which page seems to be random compared to how I have the actual board laid out. It's annoying since I want to use it for remote focus checks and can't get my cuelists for that to show up!

Dont worry if I don't get back to this thread right away. I'm working on a cruise ship and don't go online that much, but I'll be back!


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Dec 7, 2011
The maxremote app doesn't pull from your cuelists that are assigned to faders. If you want to use your cue lists for remote focus, you have to set them up on your playback banks. There should be tab on the top called playbacks that will show those to you, or add a new window on a black page. I usually set up a few playbacks for lamp on and lamp off, and a few focus checks. The remote app wasn't ever intended for normal show playback. I'd recommend using your palettes for focus checks. They're pretty easy to update that way.

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