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Martin SCX500 Macros

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by tomed101, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. tomed101

    tomed101 Active Member

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    Brisbane. Australia
    In a month or so, I am having a rather large party on my property and am looking at renting some SCX500's. These will be run as "set and forget" and I will not have much programing time so I am looking at the built in macros and also the "audio active" feature. I know that the DJ end of the market often has pretty dodgy audio modes, but coming from a company like Martin, I was assuming it would be better. Does anyone have any experience with these fixtures, and specifically the macros and Audio mode? Is the audio effect actually any good?

  2. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    I can't speak to those fixtures, or to the audio mode of any fixture, but I have found some of the built-in macros of Martin's lights useful.

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