Miracle on 34th Street


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I've just added my lighting documents and some photos from this fall's production of Miracle on 34th Street to my website. If anyone is interested in checking it out here is the link:


Also if you would like to see more of the theater in which the production took place here is the link:


I'm currently in the process of putting my lighting plot into the computer with Visio and will add that upon completion.

Also, if anyone would ever like pictures of the theater facilities at the State College of Oneonta let me know, I have many on my computer!
*sniff* brings back memories. We did this as our holiday show last year (2003). I'd heard that someone else was doing it, but wasn't sure who... hope you had a good time with it!
Once you have the layout of the theater down it is faster than hand drafting, plus I had to actually make my instrument stencils, but the next time I do a plot that is all ready made so it will go pretty fast.

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