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1. NEC is the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), published by the National Fire Protection Association. It covers all aspects of electrical installation in building structures. Of particular interest to the CB community is Article 520 of the NEC: Theaters, Audience Areas of Motion Picture and Television Studios, and Similar Locations. Link to website of NFPA.

Note: 2011 National Electrical Code® Softbound is $85; 2008 NEC Handbook on CD-ROM is $210. Either is/both are, a worthwhile investment, but for the financially-challenged, an online reader is available at . (For all NFPA documents: The NEC is updated every three years. The 2011 issue came out in October 2010. The next issue will be 2014.

2. , a manufacturer of projector s and large display devices. Formerly made CRT s, terminal s, and PC s.
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