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I am a wannabe techie.

I want to pursue being a computer programmer and thought i would have fun with school. So I thought of being a techie for theater. But i didn't start theater till now (sophmore year). I thought it would be so hard to get a spot in being a techie. Mainly becasue you do not audition for it.

So i made it clear to my teachers that i wanted to be a techie but nothing happened. So they start the musical (guys and dolls) and i think what the hell i'll audtion for a part and weasel my way in. i sucked at audtioning. and didn't even see if i even got chorus. So i thought screw this musical.

But a friend of a friend told me to got to this meeting today so i went and all the theater people were like hello, and i said i want to be a techie and they opened thier arms and everything. So now i'm a techie kinda no longer wannabe.


welcome to the board! You'll learn a lot by reading what's going on here. Techies are usually quite welcoming, they'll be quite happy to show you everything they know! Or at least almost everything, everyone needs a few secret tricks :D :eek:


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Welcome aboard!!

I am your webmaster, dvsDave, and I just wanted to welcome you on behalf of!

New techie, huh? very cool!! :D what area of tech you interested in? Lighting, sound, carpentry?

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