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im looking at getting a palm treo 650. mostly for organization and for use as my cellphone. i was also wondering if there was a way to put gel catalogs and gobo catalogs onto the palm. if ayone has any ideas please let me know


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The Treo has the ability to view PDF files. Just download the PDF catalogues off any gobo manufacturers website and sync them over to your Palm, or dowload them directly with your Palm if your Internet capable.


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I highly recommend the Treo 700 for Palm, if you have the option. From what I've experienced as well as read on, it's a better unit - better keyboard layout, less buggy, etc...

I've been a Handspring/Palm/Treo user for 10 years or so, and have owned a Handspring Visor as well as the Treo 90, 600, 650 and now a 700 - all Palm and all from Verizon, who swapped units as ea. old model died and was replaced under warranty. Note that my experiences are not seemingly representative as I have 4 co-workers, all with either Verizon or Sprint 650's who have had zero issues.

That said, it's my opinion that the Palm OS is on the way out - sad to say. I suspect my next PDA/Phone will be a Windows Mobile unit. I see more and more units using the Microsoft OS and thing that eventually every phone and PDA manufacturer will migrate to this OS.

Something to think about.



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another thing is the palm based lighting controlers are designed for windows mobile. i personaly like palm os and other open source type things but...the things i want to use are not supported enough on them for me to make a complete switch. i went with a separate palm & phone simply because i do not like the idea of having them both together. also i went with windows mobile to support the strand light control software bc i like having that ability in the venues i work in

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