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Problems with Rose Brand?

Discussion in 'Scenery, Props, and Rigging' started by ReluctantTD, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. ReluctantTD

    ReluctantTD Member

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    Has anyone else had significant service problems with Rose Brand? I've recently made a significant purchase with them and have been rewarded with two months of headache and frustration over their service and flippant attitude toward my as a client. Would like to know if I need to stop using them or if this is just a fluke and I need to use a different sales agent?
  2. jonhirsh

    jonhirsh Active Member

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    Toronto, Ontario and Valencia, California
    Um I ordered a custom constructed drape and it was in my hand 2 days latter under budget and it looked fantastic.

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  3. Footer

    Footer Senior Team Senior Team Premium Member

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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    Yep, I have never had an issue with them, though I tend to do business with production advantage for consumables and Grand Stage for soft goods.
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  4. Van

    Van CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Project Manager, Stagecraft Industries, Inc.
    Portland, Or.
    I've gone back and forth and round and round with them for years. They can be real hit and miss. Remeber their a LARGE compnay and they get sales folk through all the time. At the same time, I like Stagecraft and Acme Scenic& Display, for soft goods.
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  5. Kelite

    Kelite Apollo Staff Premium Member

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    Fort Wayne IN, USA
    My credo is simple- "stand behind the companies that stand behind you". If there is truly a problem within an organization (let's say- sales reps or support techs), it will become obvious to a sales manager or other interested party. There are enough good companies that do what they do right the first time. Why waste your time?
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  6. ship

    ship Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    As with all, I go around and around with companies at times, and get poor or excellent service at other times. As with above also, often it's an individual at a company or series of them, and or corporate policy at times that will give problems. Me, nope, don't have problems with that company, other companies yep often and I wait until I get a new sales person etc.

    Besides this, while I don't have a problem with Rose Brand, and while it amongst others is a very good and decent supplier, it is a small theater world. Punish in private, praise in public as it were is a good norm to have. Don't air your dirty laundry against a specific company in more than in general terms because as you can see, this instance with you it would seem is unique to your experience this time. Next time, perhaps it will be all great, or perhaps after the problem is solved it will work out better than expected. None the less, Rose Brand is not ... what is that import company from China that sold a bunch of clone gear than quickly went under...? It's a very stable company with a good name to it. Yep, you no doubt are having a large problem with them that would if I you make it raise my ire. None the less, private verses public. An in-general problem with all is better for response.
    For instance as of today:
    Just went thru a major rigging company for some pulleyes last week. They sent them off without a problem to arrive by tomarrow morning. Unfortunately by way of me checking on the shipment today, they just sent them off to the wrong address. Company I work for moved over a year ago and I know I have sent an address change to the company and have recieved goods from them since than. In fact, believe even last week I was correcting from them - a PDF E-Mail of the sales recipt from them on the billing and pricing to verify and approve. Yep, address for billing and ship to location was correct, details like contacts and fax number were wrong and corrected.

    How is it that given even on their own recipt for the goods the new address was noted that they sent my stuff that is somewhere lost in the UPS system and in theory leaving on a shipping container that's headed for a boat in the morning, could get sent to the wrong address?

    It would seem that there is as with where I work three levels of address and three types of person dealing with address changes that might or might not get the info. Billing department, sales people writing up the sales memo, and the shipping department that might or might not get the word and or not an address change to a frequent customer unless told they move.

    I'll get my stuff if UPS figures out the address or the replacement stuff sent out by the supplier in finding out a problem today. The supplier is in fact sending me more stuff overnight at their own cost for shipping to get here on time for the show now that there was an "exception" to the shipping and otherwise it would be anyone's guess on if it would be here on time.

    The seller and I both agreed to a theory.. first get the problem solved, than worry about how to fix the paperwork. I'll return no doubt at my own work's expense the duplicate order - which other one it is. I'm fair, they are shipping out stuff overnight to solve the problem - an accident not intended, fair is paying to slow boat ship back the surplus gear now returned - what comes around goes around in playing it fair and solving problems or mistakes.

    If you have problems with Rose Brand, contact another sales person or ask for their management given a problem your innitial sales person is not solving the problem sufficiently. If about drapes, I remember some posts by the Hansen owner at times on "Stagecraft" about problems with orders at times also on drapes - it would seem that drapes are very hard to get right at times thus very problematic. These problems with an order in drape are no less easy for the supplier than the buyer. Intent no matter where you shop still is not just for one sale but follow up sales. Sticking someone with a product is never the intent.

    Keep plugging away at the problem but overall, it's often a bad idea to be specific in who did what in the industry.
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