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Hi everyone!

My question to you all is if anybody knows of any rental companies in the Philadelphia area. We are only looking to rent a bunch of Source 4's, and local would be preferred, however inexpensive companies that can ship the equipment can be helpful as well...after all, we are on a high school budget.

Thanks for the help!
hey! where do you live, im from Merion Township, right on the boarder of philly. anyway, here are two rental companies, one is in philly, though i havent worked with them, and the other is in wilmington deleware, this company does a lot of work, massive invitintory, and theyre really great guys. also, if your a school or community theatre, and you spend mroe than 1k, or your rent more than once, they normally give you 20% off. anyway,

deleware (highly recommended)


if you have any questions with any other theatre stuff in our area, or about Main Light, just ask me, ill be happy to help.

also, what is this for? school? or what?
Thats a lot Zac. That's a major help. I live around Plymouth Meeting. This is for our spring musical "Big" at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. If you'd like to come to our show, feel free to send me a private message and I'll help you out. It would be great to meet another tech in the area.
awsome, give me the dates and ill see. im doing 4 different shows right now, college stuff, work, and school, so my schedule is quite full, but if i have enough notice, i could do it.
what are you looking at renting?
and are you designing this?
The show is March 9-11 with shows at 7:30 each night. The 11 has a matinee at 1:00

Basically, I want to rent some Source Four's. We have very outdated equipment (don't even have DMX) and I'm tired of using par cans as an FOH wash. I want to have more precise and tight areas of light evenly lit across the stage. Everything else, such as hazers (probably more like a fazer), strobes, beacons etc. I plan on buying.

I am the lighting designer and stage manager for this show, so my plate is pretty full.
also, if I remember correctly, Pinpoint focuses on movers, and not S4s and such, so your better off going with mainlight for that kind of stuff, even though its an hour away.
Great thanks for the help. I gave last year's lighting designer a call and he recommended Starlite Productions in Cherry Hill. Know anything about them? I'll give them and mainlight a call and see what we can work out. I really like mainlight's prices.
no, i have not heard of starlight, i should check them out.

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