Rosco I-Cues/Intelligent Lights


Jul 10, 2004
Rochester Hills,MI
Has anyone ever used Rosco's Intelligent Mirror called the I-Cue. I was thinking about purchasing some for my space, due to lack of funds. I was doing some research on them, and plan to have some demos done, but I was wondering if anyone can give me some more information on their quality and any stories/comments/concerns. I know how they function, I was just wondering on anybodys opinions of them or any problems you might forsee.

What about mixing them with color scrollers on an ellipsoidal?



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Mar 1, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
I work with Rosco here in Australia. I have never used the I-Cue, however have seen them done in demo's and have sold a few to local clients.
They are great if you have a low or non existant budget, a few profiles and wanna add some pazazz to your rig. The clients I sold them to used them in a club just for something different and yes, it is possible to use them with colour scrollers.

They are definatly a cheap alternative for moving lights, if your budget and venue support them, then they would be a great investment.
If you want anymore info, PM or Email me and I can send you the fact shets I have and whatever else...

Hope that helps!

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