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Hello All, new here! I'm In the planning stages for Clue: Onstage, and am looking for ideas or plans for a rotating 'wedge' to expose one of the rooms. I've seen and looked at the plans for the revolves, and am thinking about how to adapt to a wedge, but I didn't know if anyone had suggestions. I would like to do a setup similar to Papermill Playhouse's set with a rotating wedge stage right and stage left, stacked in front of a slide for the other 2 rooms. Any help is appreciated!!
A rotating wedge is basically a riser on wheels with a fixed pivot. These rehearsal photos from our production of "Curious Incident" may give you some ideas. Note the fixed pivot slightly to the right (upstage) of the corner caster.

The riser is a custom build with lots of storage compartments in the leading edge (bench). A wedge pivots out to become the tube station platform in act 2.

Could you sketch out your idea? I'm having a hard time picturing it, a simple top view with a couple dimensions would be fantastic.
Center pivot, hinged-side periaktoi? Oh the thinks you can think.... Oops, wrong show.. ;)
Could you sketch out your idea? I'm having a hard time picturing it, a simple top view with a couple dimensions would be fantastic.
Sure! I'll get to it in a day or so... I open Jekyll & Hyde the Musical tonight, so kinda busy! lol
Thanks for the sketch, that was helpful to understand what you are trying to achieve. You were spot on to look at revolve plans. A good pivot point will go a long way to resolve any castor alignment options. Creative Conners has a product call the Pivot which would be a solid choice. They rent so don't let the sticker price scare you away, and you wont need the encoder so they might be able to give you a pretty good price.
So an issue I am seeing in your sketch is that it is VERY difficult (although I suppose not impossible) to put a fixed pivot point at the very corner of a wagon/rolling platform.
You can get it as close as you can as long as you leave some space for the caster wheel that will hold up that corner of the platform.

However, this means that when the wedge spins to its second position, that corner will pass through the space where your sliding platform is (red lines).
You would need to make sure that your sliding platforms are able to also back up a bit offstage (orange lines) while the wedge is pivoting, then push onstage to their yellow position.


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It's neither impossible nor even slightly difficult to put your pivot at the corner of your wedge platform. All your pivot needs to be is a sufficiently substantial steel pin dropped either right into the deck or into a plywood pad screwed to the deck. If your theatre doesn't have the ability to weld custom hardware find a heavy-duty gate hinge and replace the pin with a longer steel rod of the same diameter (close counts- it doesn't need to be perfect, just not sloppy- but too l0oose is better than too tight.) The caster supporting the corner doesn't have to be outside the pivot the way sleepy.cj describes. (Basically switch his red "pivot"to a caster and his blue "caster"to your pivot- except it can be right at the very corner.)
Hope that is relatively clear- if you want a more detailed description or sketches let me know but I suspect this will set your brain in the right direction.
I stand corrected! Using a gate hinge to attach to the corner is clever. Ive only ever seen 1.5 to 2 inch OD pipe with a flange used as a pivot point so I felt like that type of pivot would be difficult to disguise when placed at the corner instead of hidden further inside the wagon.

what diameter of steel pin would you recommend to withstand the moving force of what looks like at least a 10 foot radius on that wedge platform with a wall flat?

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