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Script Notation

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by DavidDaMonkey, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. DavidDaMonkey

    DavidDaMonkey Active Member

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    Fort Worth, TX
    I looked through the search function, but to no avail. I was wondering how different people notate their scripts, especially for microphones.

    What I like to do is have a one sided script, with the blank side on the left. Then I go through and draw a line down the middle of each blank page to separate it into two columns. In the right column I write the name of the character (or sometimes I will use channel numbers) that needs to be turned up. I try to write it generally across the page from where it needs to happen, if that makes sense. If its something precise, then on the script side I will more specifically notate where the mics needs to come up. I do the same thing in the left column, except those are for the channels that need to be turned off.

    Does this make sense? I will try to get a picture up. How do you guys do it?
  2. waynehoskins

    waynehoskins Active Member

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    Arlington, TX
    It's been a while since I've done that, but I'd probably do something like I do for tracking-style lighting cue marks. Probably I'd mark on the left page, near the binding, the microphone numbers to be affected, with pluses and minuses by each (probably grouped by turn-on first and turn-off second), and perhaps up- and down-arrows to indicate that one needs to me made more or less prominent in the mix.

    Usually the On and Off cues would happen with an entrance or exit, so I'd just position the cue notation near the entrance/exit in the script. Maybe a horizontal line over to the break between lines where it happens.

    Playback cues I'd probably mark with playback deck number, cue/track number, level if below typical (which would probably be zero), and a right-arrow to indicate routing. Something like that, where there's a minimum of extraneous crap (tried that one once, it was very organized but very useless).
  3. Schniapereli

    Schniapereli Active Member

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    Provo, Utah, United States
    I get a one sided script and underline the names of people whose mic turns off, and circle ones that turn on. I will also write little notes if they are really quiet or if they yell at certain points. I also have track numbers circled on the right margin. (Stage manager calls them, but I have them there so I know it is coming, and incase anything should go wrong with coms or the SM unexpectedly dies at her desk...)

    I use the blank left page to scribble in big letters everything that went wrong. (Notes for me, and for others if I am TD-ing) Also, if there is huge list of FX cues or changes I will write them on the left side with a big star on the script.
    I have act and scene written and circled in upper right corner for easy finding, and the beginning of each scene has a post it note sticking out for when I get too into the mix to follow along (mostly on songs), and I can easily catch up at the end of the scene.
    I also always keep a piece of paper in the front pocket that is a tally of all the mistakes I make.

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