Wireless STAY AWAY FROM 940-960 MHz Wireless Mics in the US

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Sep 1, 2003
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I have seen ads for various microphone and IEM systems that run in the 940-960 MHz Broadcast Radio STL (Studio-to-Transmitter Link) band. This band is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for broadcasters, and you MUST have an FCC license to use equipment here - period. This band is full of very sensitive STL equipment for radio stations, and unlike the TV bands that we usually operate in, there is a very good chance you could cause broadcasters a lot of trouble by operating equipment here. So, with that said, DO NOT BUY 940-960 MHz WIRELESS AUDIO EQUIPMENT! Broadcasters will hunt down users that interfere with their operations, and they are very likely to cause you a lot of trouble - to the tune of a potential $11,000+ fine from the FCC.

Discussion may commence in any of the current wireless threads. This post serves as a PSA only.

Update: Wow, I posted this ten years ago. Still valid, though!
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