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Thanks for the welcome dvsDave! So, who am I?

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by RCDVS, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. RCDVS

    RCDVS Member

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    Tucker, GA
    I'm Randy Davison, a retired IT software professional who is now the Tech Director for Main Street Theatre in Tucker Ga. I've done sound design, lighting design and set (more construction than design) for more than a dozen shows (Annie, Sound of Music, Music Man, Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, Sunshine Boys, Sweet Charity, Harvey, The Odd Couple (Female Version), You Can't Take it With You, among others, for three different troupes over more than 20 years. Also, multiple productions of "Christmas at Tucker" our church's Christmas extravaganza. I've been our "church roadie" for those 20 years. I describe myself as someone who knows how to "make do".

    Main Street Theatre, Inc, a 501(c)(3), and I found each other and I love being responsible for their technical theatre needs. We're new, two years and four productions, and all volunteer.

    While I'm at it may I drop a question into the hopper? If there is a better place to post this, just let me know and I'll repost it. Main Street Theatre just got a $3000 budget to purchase wireless mics. I read Mike Nicolai's 600 MHZ... thread and it scares me to even think about buying wireless miss at the moment. Any advice other than "not now"? I don't think we'll see that much budget again any time soon so I'm hesitant to burn it on rentals. So, any advice as to how to spend that much as effectively as possible? I'd like to try and get six mics out of it.

    I look forward to lots of friends and fun in the Control Booth!
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  2. BillConnerFASTC

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    Oak Park, IL (708)983-5792
    Welcome! I did double take on Main Street Theatre as I finished a new home for Main Street Theatre in Houston last fall. I wonder how many MSTs there are.

    Can't help with sound, but I'm sure there are many here who can.

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