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The Silhouette Sound

Discussion in 'News' started by dvsDave, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. dvsDave

    dvsDave Benevolent Dictator Administrator Senior Team CB Mods Fight Leukemia

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    DC Metro Area
    [​IMG] Announcing the opening of a new website, The Silhouette Sound, a rock band to which I belong. A rock band whose influences include; Matchbox 20, Green Day, and Blessid Union of Souls. I am the bassist for the band. We've been on sabbatical for this first semester of college, but we (by we, I mean my friend Matt) have been experimenting with computer created music. Visit the site to download some of our original songs on MP3!!
  2. Cue3

    Cue3 CB Data Analyst Premium Member

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    Please come to my site! Just check it out and i'm sure you will like it...Help support ControlBooth's musical side! Thanks! :D

    Matt K.

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