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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by derekleffew, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Probably the single word with the most definitions in all of theatre. Trim can mean/refer to:

    1. The height of a suspended (flown) scenic piece.
    1a. The level or plumb of an object.
    2. To cut away a portion of material: cloth, wood, metal, plastic.
    2a. To speed up time: "We need to trim the Second Act, it's running too long."
    3. The "frilly" stuff (lace, rick-rack, fringe, etc.) on a costume or drapery.
    4. The distance between electrodes of a carbon-arc light source.
    4a. A set of the carbons themselves.
    5. Physically fit, slender.
    6. To adorn, "Trim the Christmas tree."
    7. To adjust, "Trim the sails on a boat," (from where most of our rigging terms come).
    8. The calibration of an analog dimmer.
    9. Attenuation, as in the "trim pots" on a sound board.

    Others I forgot?
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