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wanna say thanks!

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by MarioCro, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. MarioCro

    MarioCro Member

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    Hey guys,

    I'v been lurking around for few months now and I really want to say thanks to everyone posting on this board. You guys are so valuable, with all our knowledge and your questions... By only sitting in the corner and watching you guys going around I learn so much! Well, thanks :)

    I'm begining into lighting design. Hopefully, you guys will be around when I'll be in need and if someone needs help, I'll be there !

    se ya all around!
  2. rochem

    rochem Well-Known Member

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    New York, NY
    Hey Mario,

    I started out the same way as you did. A relatively inexperienced Lighting Designer who found ControlBooth and spent many weeks just looking through all the old threads on here and learning a lot. Then when I joined and actually started posting questions, it became even better! :) Stop on over to the New Member Board and introduce yourself there.

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